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How we're made!

100% Made in Canada product

Our products are protected with a self healing clear coat making them up to 50x stronger than regular autobody clearcoat, offering the highest in collision resistance & durability on the market!!

Each one of our items is hand made and meticulously crafted. With attention to detail, we strive to produce the best in quality and durability. Our in-house designer has multiple references including SEMA 2018 thru 2020 amongst other big names and has worked on 100's of different designs, tools and programs.


We are a water CNC cut acrylic badge that is marine rated with a 5 year warranty! Our emblems are epoxied with marine rated, non yellowing epoxy and our tape has a tensile/holding strength of 75lbs! So nothing is coming off! We are also guaranteed to NEVER chip crack fade peel pit or dent like paint or vinyl!

Turn around time on our paint matched products are can be anywhere from 1 - 8 weeks. Custom work is 2 - 4 weeks due to renderings and custom mold work for one off pieces. Click here to place a custom order! Currently, as of May 01 2023 we have a 2 - 8 week turnaround. Turn around can be extended at any time as well due to amount of orders.


The product installs the same as weather stripping or the protection pieces that go onto bumpers. The same tape is used on those pieces and our overlays as well. So, you can ensure you won't be taking anything off. Just like the stripping and bumper pieces are a part, so are our overlays.

Our items exist so you don't have to comprise the integrity of your vehicle. Our install doesn't require screws or tools other than what's provided to you in our install kit. (Given with each order) our emblems will protect your current emblems and will not damage them if removed properly.

Our products won't chip, crack, fade, peel, or pit! We are 50 times stronger than vinyl (as it just rips) and we are 10 times stronger than any painted molded plastic on the market. The acrylic resin acts like a shield and rebounds any rocks or foreign objects that come in contact with them

1 Piece Instructions

Matte Care Instructions

Multi Piece Install







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